Perfecting the imperfections

All of us are not perfect! So are our works! Who is perfect in every way? Don’t we like imperfection as well? Oh! Not so!!

Well, certain thoughts are different to different scenarios. Like the above example, nobody likes to be judged as imperfect! Yes, that’s true; we all are perfect in our own imperfections.

How about applying some imperfection to the perfect click and creating a whole new candid click? Sounds too weird? Well, it may, but just think about those vintage photographs that are taken decades back. Have you clearly noticed few pics that look exactly like the vintage click, but on close observation they are photo morphed.

How do they do that?

Adding imperfection!Yes, it’s a type of filters available in the graphics designing software that allows you to create a vintage look. It may sound easy, but the actual work is quite time-consuming, but worth it when you understand the tool very well!