Graphic designing is the trend that picked up in the mid-2000’s and is now widely accepted and hunted technology. There is awiderange of courses available under graphic designing, leading to multiple job opportunities on

There are multiple tools responsible for the graphics that are seen on day to day basis. It is carried out by a graphic designer, who takes care of the whole project, using various software or other programs. The most common and widely usedsoftware’s for graphics are:

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Lightroom

It’s so great to see that all the products are from Adobe! Yes,Adobe has the best software for such art purposes, where editing, manipulation and other activities become easy and simple.

We all know about the Photoshop; it has hundreds of features to edit images and add filters etc. to make it more appealing, or create a whole new dimension.

Adobe Illustrator is software that supports scalable art. It is used in vector graphics, to build icons, and other pieces related to the graphics.

Adobe Lightroom is software that assists the photo processing and organises all the images, that allows a large number of files to be viewed, organise and retouch.

There are open source software’s available for trial purposes or if you are running out of thebudget.